Padbury Clock Screensaver

Padbury Clock by Robert Padbury

An homage to Padbury Clock: A basic digital clock screensaver from Australian American designer Robert Padbury.

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Padbury Clock Screensaver

Minimal screensaver for Mac

The Padbury Clock Screensaver is a minimalist’s dream – and should be the default on every computer. You can choose between 12 hour and 24 hour format in an elegant and legible font, and nothing more. It’s simple, clean, give it a try on your machine. ✨

Thank you, Robert Padbury, wherever you are.

Released in 2014

Padbury Clock allowed users to, "Transform your Mac into an elegant minimalist clock with this Screen Saver." But, a few years ago, it disappeared off the web. I am bringing it back from the dead (with no support or guarantees).

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Found on Product Hunt

Padbury Clock Screensaver, made by Robert Padbury, debuted on Product Hunt on 2015-03-26. It quickly rose to #3 Product of the Day. Rightfully so; Padbury Clock has been one of my favorite screensavers of all time since that day.

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